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Quality Framework for SSE * Primary Language Curriculum * Digital Awareness * Wellbeing

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What is Spellings For Me?

How to learn your spellings?

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Registering, importing users and creating classes easily

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Advantages of Spellings For Me against traditional Spelling Books

Traditional Spelling Books
Children's spelling are differentiated according to individual ability.
(Tailor made spellings for each child)
Children are challenged appropriately according to the ability not simply their age or class.
Exercises included are best for learning and based on words the child doesn’t know how to spell.
Spellings that are most common and relevant to the child will be mastered first before moving on to the more difficult, less frequently used words.
Individualised tests for each child.
Test can be self corrected by the child and checked instantly to see if they are marked correctly.
Incorrect words are stored for the children to work on in future.
Spelling is linked to writing. Has spelling tests and vocabulary pertaining to each of the writing genres.
Dictation sentences corresponded to each list/level.
Different variations of testing - Dictation Sentences tests/ Spelling list tests/ Learning Words tests/ Mastered words tests/ Writing Genres tests.
Children can test themselves on words they have previously mastered.
Learning is based on identifying pictures, letter strings, mnemonics in words the child specifically doesn’t know how to spell.
Children who are struggling with spelling (or may have dyslexic tendencies) are very apparent to the teacher.
Has a section specifically studying etymology.

Spellings For Me

is an online spelling programme written by primary school teachers, Emma Doherty & Patrick Grace. When writing the programme it was important that it was very easy for teachers to facilitate. We are teachers ourselves and are fully aware how busy Irish classrooms are.

Spellings For Me provides a meaningful, differentiated programme for each individual child without the time constraints you would expect from individualised programmes. We believe we have fully achieved this and are very excited for children to benefit from their tailor made programme.

Getting Started

Download a step by step guide on how to register and set up your school COMPLETELY FREE for the academic year 2019/2020.
Once set up, your Teacher Manual is available in your profile under "Printables".

Download a pdf

We don’t want card details. There is no obligation to buy.

School Planning

View or download a PDF on how Spellings For Me fits into the:

Quality framework for
School Self Evaluation

Download a PDF

Digital Learning Framework for Primary Schools

Download a PDF

Primary Language Curriculum

Download a PDF

Wellbeing Policy
Statement and Framework
For Practice

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I want to try this out for free - what do I do?

Download our step by step guide on how to register and upload users. Alternatively you can email us at info@spellingsforme.ie and we will do everything for you. All we need is an excel file of all the students you want to register and a separate excel file of all the teachers with their real email addresses. That’s it!

How much are the booklets?

The booklets are €3.50 each, which is cost price for us! However, you can use the downloadable resources if you don’t want to buy them this year. They are, however, very convenient. They provide a framework of work and activities that is easy to follow for both students and teachers.

How does Spellings For Me fit in with school planning?

Please see the school planning section of the website for more information.

What does the class teacher have to do to use this programme?

Log into your teacher profile
Print the username and password for each child (one word document)
Give the assigned username and password to each child, they paste it in their journal
Show them instructional video on your IWB
Take them to the computer room and let them work independently/iPads station teaching
Unlock Learning Words tests as the children need them (click a button beside the children's name in teacher profile)
Correct their spelling homework/classwork (in their spelling copy)

What the class teacher can do with this programme?

Use the programme to pick up on dyslexia in children (where is their ceiling compared to other children their age? Are they retaining their Learning Words to the same extent as others?)
Analyse the errors of the children
Particularly useful for children that you suspect may have dyslexia. What word did they spell wrong? How many times did they spell it wrong? Did they spell it wrong a number of different ways? Any reversals? Bizarre mistakes?
This is all done in a downloadable excel sheet for each child, tracking it from when they started the program.
Use the section on writing genres to aid spelling in this area
Let the children study etymology independently on the program. (particularly useful for exceptionally bright children. Also features in the new PLC)
Use letter strings section
Print out the class Learning Words of each child
Use the dictation sentences
Use the Spellings For Me booklet

Individualised Spellings Copy

The Spellings For Me booklet is a valuable resource to accompany the online digital programme. It provides a clear framework of activities for both teachers and students. Within this framework, are differentiated activities that are proven to improve children’s spelling. Despite being a “spelling book”, it is still completely differentiated, as children print out their spellings from their individualised programme online and paste them into the book.

The child works according to their ability, not their class or age.

No two children will have the same spellings, as no two children are the same!

The online programme is completely free for the academic year 2019/2020. If you would like the additional support of the booklet, it is €3.50 per booklet.